Crestview and Crestview Station

Crestview is a north central Austin neighborhood that has always been high on charm, loaded with 1940's and 1950's houses, but still reasonably priced for young families, professionals, and hipsters who refuse to move out to the burbs in search of affordability. The neighborhood is bound by Anderson Lane on the northside, Koenig Lane on the southside, Lamar Blvd. to the east, and Burnet Road to the west. A quaint shopping village lies at the center of Crestview with an independent grocer, a barber shop, and a mix of restaurants and delis.

Capital Metro has one of it's nine commuter rail stations planned for the northeast corner of Crestview. Crestview Station will be more than 70 acres of office space, retail space, multi-family and single family homes, and open recreation spaces.

There are homes and condos surrounding the Crestview Station (like the ones pictured above) that are priced as low as $175K and go up to $400K, with the majority of homes around the $250K - $280K range. This part of town is currently "car dependent" but in a few short months is going to explode with grocery, dining, shopping, and public transportation options...all within a short walk. Lower priced housing options lie east of Lamar, but still within walking distance of Crestview Station. Crestview and Crestview Station adjacent properties are a fantastic opportunity to buy quickly appreciating property at an affordable price before the craze hits. Please email me for some of the listings in this area.

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Tammy Young, Realtor said...

Reader Chris McConnell kindly corrected me when I first described the new rail line as a "light rail". The new rail line is NOT a light rail, but a commuter rail line on regular train tracks, with less frequent stops than a light rail would offer. I have sinced changed the mistake in the blog entry as well. Thanks Chris.