For my Husband, Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

The hubs stopped me in the kitchen this morning as we both ran dizzily around the house feeding children, wiping noses, putting on makeup (me), pouring coffee, etc... "What do you want for Valentine's Day?" I really hadn't given it any thought and my immediate response was "nothing." ... but here's the thing about these sorts of occasions and asking for "nothing". If I respond "nothing" - which is how I really did feel at that moment - then he really will get me nothing - and then the actual day of Valentine's when I have "nothing" to open -- I will be glum.

So, for my hubs... here is a shortlist of last minute gifts you can pick up tomorrow, Friday, right here in Austin... just in time for V-Day.

1) A gift certificate for a facial from Solid Gold. This is a little boutique/mini-spa at 1601 E. 5th St., entrance is on Comal.

2) A gift certificate for a massage from MYO massage. Mini spa, located in same building as Solid Gold... but entrance is on 5th. I think you have been there before?

3) Any fashion accessory or jewelry item from Kick Pleat . Don't forget, the shop is newly located at 12th & Lamar... but don't spend a lot... it's just Valentine's Day. She did have these amazing Virginia Johnson scarves last time I was in... ahem.

4) This purple box of "exotic" Vosge chocolate truffles

(available at the Whole Foods Lamar chocolate counter)

...and no, I don't want ALL of these things, just one. (okay maybe two)

Final note to hubs (and all hubses out there): Please have Valentine's gifts ready to give the morning of Valentine's Day. It's not the same when I know you are running around frantically trying to find something the day of the holiday...it's kind of like the moment is over at that point, you know? (or kind of like the time you bought me that lame tin of butter cookies from HEB the morning of Mother's Day.)



angeline said...

so i am dying to know - what did you get??

T.Y. said...

oh yes... forgot to update -- I got a potted orchid and sweet hand written card. He didn't read the blog...and turns out he didn't have to. I loved the orchid. Although, in a total act of cuteness, he wrote in the card that he thought it would be a great outdoor plant for our garden. Orchids? Outdoors? Texas? I am a total novice, but I don't think that would work out. Anywhoo -- will try my best to keep the exotic flowering plant alive indoors.

Oh - and I really should mention after all of this, I totally flaked and didn't get him a thing. However, I think in the end my not spending money on him was the greatest gift of all.