Live Alternative Theatre in Austin

Last night was a big night.

Began with a "pre-Inaugural Ball" for toddlers at a friends' house in East Austin. I must applaud my friends for holding such a festive party to commemorate this major historical event...for not only the kiddos, but for all of us. My 3 year old daughter was thrilled to don her red and white polka dot flamenco dress (although, bad mommy forgot her dancing shoes...which she brought to my attention just as we pulled up to the party and she still had on her flip flops - I felt just awful). I dug out my grandmother's rhinestone jewelry, a floor length black bridesmaid dress, and a feather boa. My daughter was THRILLED with the attire although a little disappointed when her friend's house didn't have an actual ballroom like she has seen in the movies. (only took 3 minutes to get over this as they tore through the playroom dancing to music from the Nutcracker) Evening was complete with frosted "Obama" sugar cookies and one guest who stamped the back of her green silk charmeuse cocktail dress with Obama's election night victory speech. This dress was AMAZING... and sorry -- once again didn't have a camera handy. I am a moron.

THEN, I met a friend at Salvage Vangaurd Theater, also in East Austin, to take in opening night of "My Bugatti Story", an original play written by Paul Ehrmann, part of the 2009 Frontera fest. I am certainly not a theater critic, but I enjoyed this play immensely. Just over an hour in length, the play takes you through one man's journey of saving his own sanity when he takes on the persona of a Bugatti race car driver and becomes a hero of the French Resistance during WWII in Paris, France. Lively characters and actors. Interesting and noble concept of one's ability to save his own sanity. Next performances for "My Bugatti Story" are Saturday 1/24 at 7:45 PM, Sunday 1/25 at 5:45 PM, and Saturday 1/31 at 12:00 PM. Tickets are $10.

Also be sure to check out the rest of Frontera Fest which continues through February 14th. Other local Austin playhouses also participating in the festival include Hyde Park Theatre and Blue Theater. What a wonderful treat to have such intimate, funky venues at our fingertips to enjoy alternative theater. Off to pick out another play to attend.

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