Hyde Park Home Renovations...part deux

This was scary... all of that wood outside? That is my HOUSE. The demolition has been "a little" more invasive than I had imagined. I remember the time I naively asked my builder if we could live in the house during the renovations. I don't know how she managed to control herself from laughing. Before - master bedroom & closet area...

and post demolition... before bathroom...
Post demo - no more bathroom and the site of my future kitchen! Check out the ceilings... sky high. The ceilings are higher than I expected, but I love them. before... living and dining. (that's my 5 year old... practicing her best moves in the wide open spaces of the empty house)

and post demo.... no more walls or ceilings. Glad we took pictures. !


Betsy said...

LOVE! I can't wait to see the finished product! It's going to be gorgeous!

Sophie Ting said...

You own that house?

We looked at it for months while walking to the park when it was empty, then for sale. We balked at the delabration though.

I would love to get a little tour when it is complete to see what I missed.

Welcome to the neighborhood, hope you see you and your little one at the pool soon!