Hyde Park Renovations... progress and more progress

Phew... time goes by quick.

Family is busy... work is busy... alas... my sweet little blog has been neglected. However, I have a few extra minutes this afternoon... so time for some updates.

The renovations of our Hyde Park home continue to progress quickly.

Building permits posted to the front door!

This guy showed up one morning and starting hacking away at my house... I was so excited to see work begin that I pulled out the camera. I am sure he thought I was crazy. Photo of the horrible fountain in the front yard... (the one where I could only envision my 3 year old face down) ... it's now history!

This is the new foundation going in... all this for an extra 300 square feet. yeesh.
Much to my neighbors' horror... a giant dumpster and port-a-potty in the front yard. Yikes. We have had a few comments... and all I can say is... sorry... they are working as fast as they can to get it taken away!

Before pics.

More before pics. Oddly enough... this 1300 square foot house had TWO air conditioning units, one the size of a jet engine... and still they had window units inside the house. Apparently these people (or their crop of plants) needed to keep very, very cool. Rumor has it that our house was the neighborhood "grow house" at one time during it's 75 year history.

Next up - the demo pics.

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