Austin Home: Quaint American Bungalow in North Hyde Park

Quaint, darling, charming, picturesque... you get the idea. This little 2 bedroom, 1 bath Austin home in North Hyde Park, at the corner of 52nd and Avenue G just came on the market this week. A typical 1920s American bungalow, the house is small, but the space is used efficiently. Also typical of bungalows, the rooms are centered around a central living area with no connecting hallways.

Most Austin homes of this era in this particular Austin neighborhood have already gone through massive renovations and remodels (some tastefully done, some not quite). This Austin home however, maintains much of it's original charm and original floor plan. It has been updated moderately throughout the years and is perfectly darling and workable as it is, but would be ideal for someone to add on or modernize themselves.

The Austin home has a living room, dining room, corridor style kitchen, utility room (!), 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and a picture perfect front porch. Many original 1920s design elements like a claw foot tub are still present in the home.

Another plus in this Austin home is the enormous corner lot with spacious, private backyard. There is a massive walnut tree in the front yard along with pecan, oak, crape myrtles, mountain laurels, and fig trees scattered about. Also in the backyard is a bonus 200 square foot storage unit with electricity, ideal for use as an artist studio or workshop.
List price is $289,000. For a full list of features and updates please visit http://www.5200avenueg.com/.


angeline said...

tammy, really dig the website! so cool; did you build it yourself?

T.Y. said...

don't want to ruin the mystique... but it's just a template - developed by someone with excellent design aestetic and technical skill who is definitely not me. I just changed the text and uploaded the pics... ha.

Noah Awl... said...

The 200 sf “storage” units of which you mentioned would be a life saver. With power already connected, this would be the perfect “get away” from the old-world bungalow… Noah Awl…