Soma Vida - A New Place for Yoga Austin | East Austin

After several weeks (okay, months) out of the yoga scene, I resolved yesterday to make it happen. Afterall, all work and no exercise does not make for a fit mother/wife/friend. I am doing this for myself AND all the other people in my life.

Yoga Yoga Austin (the yoga chain where basically everyone goes to yoga in Austin) has 5 locations and 100's of classes to meet anyone's schedule. Problem is, I live in East Austin. Going to a one hour yoga class across town easily turns into a 2 hour project. That's just not going to happen with all that I juggle on a daily basis.

Problem solved: Soma Vida Austin, a work/life balance and wellness center located on Rosewood in East Austin, just about 2 miles from the capitol... now offers yoga classes !!! You can find their schedule here. I took out the ol' Blackberry and scheduled myself for 4 yoga classes for the next 2 weeks.
Classes are still ramping up but the cost is on par with Yoga Yoga Austin -- and keep in mind that you are supporting a start up East Austin business with an excellent mission -- to help all of us crazy self employed multi-taskers to achieve balance in our lives. sigh... I love these people.


barchbo said...

This would be something great for me to do with a friend. Like, say, a friend who lives in East Austin. And has 2 kids. And sells real estate. Hmmm....

Let me know if the classes are crowded!

T.Y. said...

Not at all crowded and a totally beautiful peaceful space. They have a Thursday night class @ 6:30. I think there's a special this month for bringing friends and getting a half price class! We should go!

Matt Ovens said...

This is very nice. Bookmarked.

Thanks - Matt