My Newest Crush - Darling Stucco Bungalow East Austin Home, One Block from Town Lake

How cute is this little bungalow located in East Austin?
It's just a tiny little 2 bedroom, 1 bath, less than 800 square feet -- but also only $224,000 and literally a block from Town Lake. What a wonderful little candidate for a pied-a-terre or weekend retreat.
Address is 1702 Haskell St. Listed by Jules Adams of Jules Homes, Inc. Post a comment if you would like more information!


Steve said...

What is "pied-a-terre"? Sorry, I should probably know that.

T.Y. said...

"Pied a terre" - French term for secondary place of living... tres chic to have a "pied a terre" in the city and another place in the country! http://tinyurl.com/counq7

Anonymous said...

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